Sherlock Bones 💀 is a music producer and purveyor of those luxury dusty hip-hop beats you can daydream to. This quietly composed character rests in a tailored suit on an Oxblood Chesterfield armchair, working with a blend of vintage hardware and the rarest of bygone recordings. He can be profiled as an elite sampler, immersed in only the rarest and obscurest of collections, a record dealer's dream client you could say.

His production style takes influence from alternative hip-hop beatmakers, Perfect for the appreciators of abstract vinyl-sampled hip-hop beats.

The recent mini-album "I Won A Car In LA" shows off some more chilled material with highlights found on "Easy Street" and "Have Everything" if you enjoy the lush sounds of vintage instruments to a soulful groove.

Notable credits include the co-production of Rag'n'Bone Man's debut EP, Bluestown (Tell'em Like It Is, Daylight Fading) and further collaborations on It's Alright and Cross Fire. His work as a producer in the premier south coast rap crews Running Punch and Rum Committee as well the soundtrack for the PC, Xbox and Playstation Skateboarding sim "Session" (Session Soundtrack - Rum Committee).